Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Footurama's Swapmeet '07

Shots from Footurama's Swapmeet ,Public 5th o August 07
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Taa-Daaaaaaaaa !!!

Eva's Corner (Yechhhh...)

P.S : Tiffany......for lettin you down....me sorry
P.S.S : Sushi ??...
P.S.S : im reeeeely reeely Sorry.......
P.S.S.I : persatuan sepak bola seluruh Indonesia

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Stick Em Dead !!!

Stickurrrrrrrs !!! Get yurrr Stickurs......
See ya at Footurama's Swapmeet tumaraohhh....

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Simpsons The Movie ,Not !!!!

Yea yeaaa ,whats the hype nowadays ? simpsons the movie ?! its just like you watched 4 episodes of the simpsons , d'oh !!!! whats new bout that ?...

Zombiespersadavisioncitraperkasafilm to save the day !!!
We're announcing The new Simpsons : to life the movie ,uh-huh yeah
it's gonna be big like the Flintsones
First thing first , were gonna do the castings ,yipeee....

Homer Simpson is Bruce Willis !!! why ?! the D'oh hard !!!, thats why !!!
orrrrr.....Mr. Giamatti would do good

Yes yes ,the Transexual Sean Young goin to play the part of Marge Simpsons, What about Marge's Voice ? not to worry we already picked Fran drescher to dubbed her

Macaulay circa 1992 !!! cant think of anyone else, sorry...
Besides, im dyin too see Bruce Strangles Macaulay

Annoying.....Nuff said !

Just pick Any baby, they all look the same,
give er a bow ,plug the red pacifier and ta-daaaa you have Maggie !!!

Jerry Stiller for Abe Simpson ,nooo its not a coincidence that the pictures matched

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You Jumped...Hooray !!!

Heheh yaeh that guy from Americas funniest homevids looks perfectly to Principal Skinner
But then again the Principal from the Breakfast club would look cool (like an cool homage....)
the only problem is were still try to raising him from the dead !!!

Saggy eye bags and the sex thirst look Krabappel ,
Mrs. Collete will do the justice !!!

Ahahaah frgot the name, like everyone forget that he used to be a child star (... yes we watch E!)

Jason Schwatzman a.k.a Max Fischer for millhouse ?
yes yes ,we could make this movie the oh so hype cult film ,yes yes

Bill h. Macy anyone ? This will do some leverage for the movie...yeah rite

Undeadrector : Hey !!! Larry king would be great for Mr.Burns role !!!
Undeaducer : Hell no !!! oldman's Dracula is perfect fo the part !!!
Undeadrector : What ,no way ???
Undeaducer : The Hair , the Pale skin, the evil grin ,the wrinkles, the 500 y/o look....
Undeadrector : Well, duhhh....

our beloved nerdy teacher from Ferris Bueller's Ben Stein plays Mr. Smithers
well... the truth is we want him to play millhouse.... then again...


Trash the Stache, givem a hat and headphones.......Yeah Mental !!!!

Del toro for Moe ?? why not ? the curls that count. personally i would pick Nurbuat...pfffft

So...Yesterday God speaks to me "Thou must have Jason lee For thee movie"
and me said "Cool"

What ? we aint got enough Budget to hire Will Smith ?? ,
hmmm Don Cheadle will do, altough he only had quality and talent for the part

Had our eyes on Norm from Cheers but nooooooo the Execs want the "Award guy !" blah !

Horatio Sanz !?! yeah yeah any Fat guy would do ?? can we still have Norm ? please...

uhhh yeah....jack black....

Okay Amitabh......uhhh what ? A Kwik E Mart Dance scene ?? Golemar ?!!

"Baaaaaart Im your doctor......eeeheeheehee" -Dr. Hibbert (dr stands for Darth...)

Hmm ???... The Fat Mob ?? Fat Tony ?... Tony Soprano ?...hmmm ??? Amen for stereotypes

Resistance is Futile !!!

Ralphie : it's Super Nintendo Chalmers!

Eiyy...it's joey !!! he played that soap doctor

........whaaat ? run kids, ruuuuuuuuuun !!! he's here

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